AKROMAK is a technical trading company established at the junction of the historical trade routes in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Our core competence is the export of castings. As Akromak, we choose the most suitable manufacturer for the needs of our customers. 

Our services also include other related activities, which are carried out both before and after the casting. With the existence of our various numerous suppliers, we can cover almost every casting need both in price and quality. 

Technical Evaluation

Quotation Preparation

Pattern / Mold Making


Priming & Coating







Pattern / Mold Storing

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You can obtain quotations from us for any casting requirement. Thanks to our cooperation with various and numerous suppliers, we can cover almost any casting requirement in terms of both price and quality. Gussteilbedarf sowohl preislich als auch qualitativ decken.

Technical Consultancy

Your order will be carefully examined by us and then assigned to the best manufacturers to suit your needs. You will be served by every step of the process by our experienced staff.

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Quality Assurance

Order tracking in every aspect and on-site quality controls are carried out by us.

Steel / Iron Castings

 Aluminium Castings


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Production & Warehouse


Akromak Metal Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Bağdat Cad. 399 B1 TR-34740 

Suadiye / Kadıköy / İstanbul 


Legal Notice

Autorised Managing Director: 

Dipl.-Ing. Burç F. Aksoy

Tax Register: Erenköy VD 0340659178

Trade Register: İstanbul Ticaret Odası (İTO) 167032-5

Exporters' Association: İstanbul Maden ve Metal İhracatçı Birliği (IMMIB) 87660 


T: 0090 216 7001 477

E: info@akromak.com

W: www.akromak.com